Current Retro SCRAP LIGHT, Upcycled, recylced, steampunk, industrial, lamp.

Current Retro SCRAP LIGHT, Upcycled, recylced, steampunk, industrial, lamp.

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This one of a kind lamp was an award winning entry in a recycling contest. Phil gathered parts destined for the dump and created this great art lamp.
An articulated shower head on an architectural glass block atop a shopping cart wheel. Water tap on side controls a dimmer switch for the light in the block and the shower head. The transmission wheels on the front actually engage and turn together!

Size (approx.) 20x11x11

October 29, 2016. CONCOURS D'ARTISTES RÉCUPÉRATEURS sponsored by
First place in general public category "SCRAP LIGHT". It started with scrap I took from recycling bins at the Ressourcerie in Coaticook, Quebec.

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Phil's lamps are assembled using verified components. All electrical parts, wires, connecting devices, switches, plugs, sockets etc. are new or tested to be reliable and safe.

During assembly, the following processes are followed:
1) Each plug, wiring assembly and socket is tested to ensure that the polarity of the socket/plug are as per the electrical standard.
2) All in-line switches are tested to ensure they control the “hot” side of the wiring assembly, so the ground or neutral wire is always connected when it is plugged in. (if applicable)
3) All products are checked to ensure that metal parts are not touching either the hot or neutral wire.
4) If soldering is necessary within the wiring assembly, all connections are shrink wrapped.
5) Each electrical cord is provided with a strain relief.

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