Current Retro - SATELIGHT repurposed lamp light

Current Retro - SATELIGHT repurposed lamp light

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This " SATELIGHT " lamp is made up of bits and pieces. And old lamp frame is used for the base and articulation. The "solar panels" are from a scrap chandelier my daughter bought for me at Christmas. Rheostat resistors form the satellite's electrodes.
Size (approx.) 18x6x6''

Shipping is approximate only. Phil will only charge what it actually costs to pack and ship. Contact me for a more accurate shipping cost.

Phil's lamps are assembled using verified components. All electrical parts, wires, connecting devices, switches, plugs, sockets etc. are new or tested to be reliable and safe.

During assembly, the following processes are followed:
1) Each plug, wiring assembly and socket is tested to ensure that the polarity of the socket/plug are as per the electrical standard.
2) All in-line switches are tested to ensure they control the “hot” side of the wiring assembly, so the ground or neutral wire is always connected when it is plugged in. (if applicable)
3) All products are checked to ensure that metal parts are not touching either the hot or neutral wire.
4) If soldering is necessary within the wiring assembly, all connections are shrink wrapped.
5) Each electrical cord is provided with a strain relief.

The wattage of the bulbs recommended to be used with the lamps is listed. Please be mindful of this and do not use any bulb with a wattage higher than recommended.

Please be aware that, while Phil take great pride in the quality and safety of his products, they are not UL or CSA approved. They are considered art installations.